Thursday, 31 March 2011

Video Project!

this is the end result from my video arts elective project, video isn't my usual field of interest, but thats kind of the point of electives,
this is my first time using editing software so it is a bit crude,

Monday, 28 March 2011

Otis Redding!

Heres some of the imagery from last years project to focus on the life of one randomly chosen person, my person was soul musician Otis
Redding and I told his story through a survivor of the plane crash that took his life, Ben Cauley:

I've lost the final version with text and the book didn't print out too good unfortunately, maybe one day I might redo the text and post it.

Current Penguin Competition!

Here are my designs for the current Penguin cover design, I'm still trying to choose one so if you have any opinions let me know,


Looking through my work I've come across some old works from years ago,
this project was to create a book revolving around a phobia, the phobia I
chose was Ornithophobia, the fear of birds:

Penguin competition!

These are designs from a competition last year to design a cover for a penguin book,
mine was Johhny Bear,